Ogi's Driving School
5 Manitou Drive, Kitchener,
     Ontario, N2C 2J6
Course Objectives
The in-car Program of 10 one-hour sessions seeks to instruct students through practical, skill- building lessons to be safe, responsible, strategic drivers.
  • A Safe Driver is one who exhibits self-discipline and avoids putting anyone in danger or risk during the driving task.
  • A Responsible Driver is one who drives predictably, courteously and artfully
  • A Strategic Driver is one who utilizes interrelated skills of looking effectively, maintaining space and communicating appropriately in rapidly changing traffic situations.
The In-car Driving Instructor utilizes a variety of teaching techniques that complement and extend the knowledge and attitudes learned in the classroom phase, namely:
  • Demonstrating - showing how a skill or manoeuvre is properly performed
  • Coaching - assisting students to drive better through practice and encouragement
  • Facilitating - helping students relax and learn more efficiently
Driving sessions are conducted initially in and around a controlled driving environment, and are gradually extended to include gravel roads, night driving, highways and freeways, all of which are part of the driving scene in this expanding community.

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